The pictured herbs are my Top Ten that I use regularly, for one ailment or another.  They are mild yet effective herbs, enjoyed by most people, and safe for the old, young and pregnant mothers (with a few exceptions). The six perennials and four annuals, grow well in my garden.  A few prefer a lot of water, but they are worth it.  All but the Elder and Stinging Nettle may be grown in a small garden.  Processing these herbs is quite gratifying and they are extremely versatile in my apothecary. 

Find a comprehensive list of the herbs we carry below.

stacy's top ten medicinals


It is important to do your own research before consuming medicinal herbs to ensure it is the right choice for you. Including consulting a medical practitioner, especially if combining with prescribed pharmaceuticals or other medicinal herbs, you are pregnant or nursing, or when providing to children.  Fisk Farm is not responsible for any individual's use of our products or herbs.  This website is for educational information only.