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2023 Seasonal Part-time Labor Position

Fisk Farm Herbs is hiring a paid, part-time, seasonal intern to help with the farm operations identified below.  The position will begin March 1st and end October 31st, 3-4 days a week Mon-Sat, not to exceed 16 hours per week.  The rate of pay will be $14 an hour with no benefits, except a weekly basket of herbs, vegetables, fruits, honey, and eggs, a value not to exceed $40.  This position will be an opportunity to learn about growing, harvesting, drying, and using medicinal herbs as well as managing a small market garden, beekeeping, and caring for laying hens.  It will be an intensely physical position; managing weeds, shaping beds, digging, transplanting, raking, cleaning, planting, kneeling, bending, lifting more than 50 lbs, washing, drying, and/or packaging herbs, vegetables, fruit, honey and eggs for resale. The workday will begin early with the expectation to be finished before noon, depending on the time of year, we will begin later in the morning in the early spring and fall and earlier in the heat of the summer


Fisk Farm Herbs is a micro farm operating on less than ½ an acre.  The farm infrastructure includes a temperature-controlled greenhouse, a high tunnel, and over 12,000 sq feet of medicinal, culinary, and market garden beds, including over 100 varieties of plants.  The gardens share space with our 9 beehives and 30 hens. 


The 18’ x 24’ greenhouse from November to May is used to grow seedlings that are sold or transplanted on the farm.  From June to October the greenhouse is converted into a drying space to process herbs.  The 22’ x 48’ high tunnel houses frost sensitive plants to extend the growing season of vegetables, fruits, and medicinal herbs.  The garden beds are planted, maintained, and harvested year-round.  The bees are managed year-round.  Honey and beehive biproducts are harvested in July-August.  The laying hens are managed daily, watering and feeding the hens, cleaning the coop, harvesting, and cleaning eggs. 


The products produced or harvested at the micro farm are sold via; seedling sales, farmers market and other similar events, a garden basket to a small collection of members, and wholesale to regionally located herbalists and apothecaries. 


If you are interested in this position, please send an email to, with your contact information and no more than 500 words about why you are the best person for this position.  In person interviews will follow for the top three applicants selected from the emails.

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