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Our Vision

Stacy and Brad plan to grow old together on the mini-farm and look forward to being instru-mental in the transformation of the old horse property into an abundantly producing medicinal herb and honey bee sanctuary. 

A peaceful place where our family, friends and like-minded individuals will gather to learn about growing, processing and using medicinal and culinary herbs. 

Fisk Farm

The Fisk Farm is a mini-farm, just over one acre, located on the Carson River in Fallon, Nevada.  Owners Stacy and Brad Fisk grow over 75 varieties of wellness and culinary herbs in a very compact space.  Complementing the ½ acre Herbary is our 9-hive Apiary, a Cottage Apothecary and plans that include a future Orchard.  We sell seedlings, roots, and rhizomes, fresh-cut and dried herbs, honey and apothecary products.  We operate in a regional area encompassing the communities within 75 miles of Fallon, supporting a local foodshed and medicine shed.  


Our farming practices are based on permaculture principles and we embrace permaculture ethics, Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.   Organic certification in Nevada has faced many challenges in the past and presently there is no certifying agency in the State.  Certification must be awarded from organizations in California or Oregon.  We have chosen not to pursue certification at this time.  Our commitment to permaculture practices naturally moves us “beyond organic” and you are welcomed to visit the farm and see for yourself how we grow and care for our plants and our precious Mother Earth. 

Brad Fisk

Brad has never been much of a gardener or farmer.  However, he is a talented fix-it guy and tinkerer.  He likes to simplify processes to get things done more efficiently on the farm.  His philosophy is to work smarter, not harder.  He also takes his job seriously when it comes to controlling the gophers, Caddyshack Style!  

Stacy is the herb farmer and budding herbalist.  She completed a 1000 hour Herbal Immersions Course from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine in 2019.  Growing, processing and using medicinal herbs is her passion and looks forward to helping you incorporate medicinal herbs into your life to promote improved health and wellness.

Stacy Fisk

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