Oat Tops, Milky Oats

Avena sativa

An easy to grow herbaceous annual.  I often companion plant oats with red clover or Ashwagandha.  Medium water and full sun.  Plant the seed a few inches apart and ΒΌ deep.  I cover with Agribon 19 to help retain moisture for germination.  I remove the Agrigon after the seedlings are about 3 inches tall.  If you have quail, you may want to leave it on top longer. 

Both the Milky Oat seed and leaves are used for medicine.  However, I prefer the seed head and after harvest, use the grass/leaf as a chop and drop mulch.  Once I have determined the seed is ready (check out the video to see when the time is right) with my fingers I grab the seed heads and gently pull them off the stem.  It is strangely satisfying and an easy harvest that goes quickly with a bountiful collection of milky seeds when I am finished.

A significant amount my harvest is used for a fresh herb tincture.  That seed is processed immediately, or store in refrigerator for not more than a day or two.  The rest I spread in a thin layer on a tray and dry it low and slow at 95-100 F for about 48-72 hours.  Make sure it is dry before you pack in plastic containers or it will mold.  Long-term, put it in a cool, dark, dry location for up to 3 years. 

As mentioned above I make a lot of fresh milky oat tincture.  It is great as a daily tonic to treat anxiety and depression.  Dry I use it in my Chillax Tea and Bone Broth Mix.  It has mild flavor and is a great bulking agent for the herb blends, with the added anti-anxiety herbal action. 

It is important to do your own research before consuming medicinal herbs to ensure it is the right choice for you. Including consulting a medical practitioner, especially if combining with prescribed pharmaceuticals or other medicinal herbs, you are pregnant or nursing, or when providing to children.  Fisk Farm is not responsible for any individual's use of our products or herbs.  This website is for educational information only.