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elderberry, blue
Sambucus caerulea

I purchased Sambucus caerulea starts in 2017, which is the Blue Elderberry that is well adapted to Northern Nevada and naturally propagates along the rivers and streams in the high desert.  Blue Elderberry can tolerate our heat and likes lots of water and high organic matter.  

Elderberry is one of my Top Ten medicinals.  I use it daily in the winter months to build up and maintain my immune system to fight off the cold and flu.  Using it for the immune system only brushes the surface on all the herbal actions offered up by this beautiful bush. 


My preferred method of processing elderberry fruit is to make a steamed juice infused with rosehip, cinnamon, and clove.  I'll cool it down and add raw unfiltered honey to sweeten it up and add more medicinal goodness.  A portion of the batch will be bottled and refrigerated and I'll freeze 1" cubes and use them later in the year.  I like to blend the syrup into a green smoothie.  Love, Love, Love my elderberry!

I suggest you do more research and determine if this herb is right for you.  For starters, if you click on the pictures above, they will provide little tidbits about my experiences growing this herb in Northern Nevada.  Also, check out the links below, they will get you started down the internet herb wormhole.


Use only the fruit and make sure they are cooked.  The raw fruit may cause digestive upset (as in diarrhea) and the stems, leaves, and roots are toxic.  

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