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Find us at the Events listed below.  This is where our Herbary, Apiary, Orchard and Apothecary products are available for purchase.


​We are a working farm and our products are available on the farm, by appointment only.  


The Herbary is the focus of our farm.  We have over 50 varieties of medicinal and culinary herbs that we grow in a compact space.  Therefore, we cater to the budding home herbalist, or as referred to in some circles, the kitchen witch.  We grow seedlings and harvest rhizomes and roots for planting in your home garden.  We also cut and sell fresh herbs when they are at their prime.  Finally, we dry herbs, which are packaged in small 1 or 4 ounce bags for individual use.  Bulk herbs are available upon request.


Our six hives reside in a honey bee paradise, nestled between the river's edge, the orchard, and herbary.  The bees have a healthy and bountiful water source, diverse medicinal nectar and pollen to help sustain them throughout their life cycle.  We believe our bees produce highly medicinal honey because their main source of nectar and pollen comes from our medicinal herbs.  We can't prove it but it seems logical...right?  Our honey sells fast so get it early, honey extraction is at the end of August.  Raw and processed beeswax is also available while supplies last.


There is not a whole lot to say about the Orchard because it doesn't exist yet.  What I can say is this fencing will be its backbone.  When it matures, we hope to have fresh and dried fruit options and maybe small quantities of fresh-pressed cider.


Herbs, honey, and fruit blend together splendidly as tea, which is the all-time favorite way to consume your medicinals.  We have a budding apothecary and you may find some tea blends or specialty items available at the markets.  

find us at these events

All events have been canceled.  Hopefully, we can resume our market circuit soon but it looks like we may not be able to until October.